Work Samples from Mimir and The Legislation App

Hey there! I’m a rising designer and developer heading to grad school in 2020 to further master interaction design at CIID1.

Until then I’m looking to get my hands dirty with talented people.
Internships & contracting probably work best.

1 Copenhagen Institute of Interaction Design

Screenshots of Mimir Products

Lead UI/UX Designer @ Mimir (YC S15)

I lead all design efforts at Mimir for 18 months. This included UX research, product strategy, visual design, design systems, information architecture, marketing collateral, and more. I learned a lot but ultimately felt I could have learned more with better mentors and teachers and left to pursue such.

Here's some examples of the projects I tackled:

  • Designing, developing, and launching a new product
  • Fixing navigation issues
  • Speeding up user workflows
  • Building a design system
  • Improving UX consistency
  • Branding a suite of products
  • Efficiently using screen real estate
  • Organizing content in ways the user understands
  • Developing company brand & guidelines
  • Creating infinite marketing collateral
  • Custom iconography
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Screenshots of The Legislation App

Creator of The Legislation App

After I left Mimir I dedicated a month to working on a project I’ve always been wanting to tackle: The Legislation App. It’s simply a reference guide for anyone who wants to read, learn, and keep track of U.S. legislation. I’m hoping that it becomes an educational tool to teach people about legislation that matters to them.

So far I’ve built a proof-of-concept in React Native and have a public beta available at The next step is making it operate seamlessly and look beautiful.

Software Engineering Intern @ PlanGrid (YC W12)

I interned at PlanGrid for two summers when I was studying CS at Purdue University. The first summer was my first introduction to web development with React.js. I built new UIs and helped expand PlanGrid's React component library.

The second summer I researched, designed, and built a prototype for auto image alignment. Using OpenCV I created a tool that would automatically scale, rotate, and align any two blueprints.

UX Developer Intern @ Garmin

I designed and built an internal tool for Garmin employees to manage corporate sponsorships. I also designed and built new landing pages for

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