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Treat this as an essay on why we should work together. Read it, skim it, click around until you find pretty colors, do what you will. I'll start with a little bio about me and then you can choose your own adventure with the table of contents. Email me to set up a time for us to talk about next steps.

1.1.1About Me

Click here and I'll give you my quick professional overview.

1.2Table of Contents

1. Portfolio of Work 1.1 Introduction 1.2 Table of Contents 2. Current Focus 2.1 Contracting for Clients 2.2 U.S. Legislation App 3. Past Focus 3.1 Working at Mimir 3.2 Working at PlanGrid 3.3 Working at Garmin 3.4 Past Side Projects 4. Epilogue

2.Current Focus

I contract for several startups helping them build and market early product offerings with both design and development work. I am also working on an app on the side that’s an educational browser for U.S. legislation and law.

2.1Contracting for Clients

Click here and I’ll elaborate on two recent startups I’ve worked with.

2.2U.S. Legislation App

Click here and I’ll pitch you on my U.S. legislation app.

3.Past Focus

I’ve pulled out excerpts of my past work to illustrate the work I have done and my journey to where I am today.

3.1Working for Mimir

Click here and I’ll tell you about being a lead designer at a YC startup.

3.2Working for PlanGrid

Click here and I’ll speak about being a professional software engineer.

3.3Working for Garmin

Click here and I’ll tell you the story of my first job in tech.

3.4Past Side Projects

Click here and I’ll show you a few side projects that I’m proud of.


Well if you’ve made it this far you either skimmed too quickly or you’re actually interested in me. If the former I’d encourage you to scroll back up and click to read more. If the latter then the next best step would be to coordinate a time for us to connect. Simply send me possible times for a phone call and we'll go from there.

Send an email to ben.alderfer@gmail.com.

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